Fire Precautions

Fire Precautions

If you discover a fire, IMMEDIATELY RAISE THE ALARM.

The alarm call points on the guest rooms side are:

  • In the outside lobby of entrance to accommodation
  • Next to the chaise lounge in the corridor on the first floor
  • Outside Room 5 on the second (top) floor

The nearest fire escape door is the main accommodation entrance door.

The alarm call points downstairs (on the ground floor) are found:

  • By the single main door to breakfast room
  • Opposite the reception desk

There are three fire escape doors downstairs:

  • External entry/exit-way of accommodation
  • Single door in dining room
  • Opposite the reception desk

Please familiarise yourself with the nearest emergency exit. The fire routine is also outlined in a poster behind your room door.

On hearing a fire alarm:

  • Leave the building immediately via the nearest emergency exit
  • Do not stop to collect belongings
  • Do not re-enter the building for any reason
  • Assemble to the front of the building, next to the ice cream kiosk

In case of emergency, there is a cordless phone in the Guest Lounge, which can be used by guests.